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Hearts and hands together for youth mental wellness.


Financial support is especially critical and allows
Communities That Care to continue offering our
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Communities That Care

It’s up to our young people to prevent themselves from entering into risky behaviors, it’s up to family and community to give them the tools to know how.

Lynn Ware Peek

Mom, CTC Chair, and KPCW host

Join the revolution in Summit County!

We don’t just talk

we act.

Feel great about your kids.
Know they have been empowered.
Watch them thrive! 

CTC invites you to come rally around our youth and
be a part of the revolution:


Whatever you are going through, you don’t have to go through it alone. We’re here to help you get the support you need.


CTC offers FREE Community Connect Events each month for parents and kids that are fun and informative to support youth mental wellness. Check out our events page to learn more. 


Being a friend is mostly about being there. We have the resources and options to support you, a loved one or a friend with your mental health needs.


Heartfelt Words of Wisdom

Parent Guidance – a resource to help you help your child

Parent Guidance – a resource to help you help your child

Are you worried about your child? Parent Guidance is an education and therapeutic support to empower and give you hope as you support your child’s mental health.  Developed by the Cook Center for Human Connection, the library of 20+ courses developed by leading mental...

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El Poder De Los Padres

El Poder De Los Padres

Una Nota de Mary Christa Como padres, tenemos una poderosa influencia sobre la vida y el bienestar de nuestros hijos. Nuestra voluntad de mirarnos a nosotros mismos, desempacar nuestros sistemas familiares y continuar el viaje de crecimiento y evolución de toda la...

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The Power of Parents

The Power of Parents

A Note from Mary Christa As parents, we hold a powerful influence over the lives and wellbeing of our kids. Our willingness to look at ourselves, unpack our family systems, and continue the lifelong journey of growth and evolution is a gift we give to our kids.  There...

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Communities That Care is the prevention coalition of Summit County. Think of us as the hub for all our youth-serving organizations. We work together to effectively bring about positive change. We are loyal to our partners, to our youth and parents, and to our community as a whole. Offering effective youth substance-prevention programs, education, and systems that attract and engage both youth and parents who are curious, and for those in trouble.

We are 100% committed to helping you help them. Hearts and hands together for youth mental wellness!


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We’d like to thank our sponsors.
Without their support, we wouldn’t be able to promote mental wellness among the parents and students in our community.