Allowing for the Change

Aug 1, 2018 | CTC Blog

Dear CTC community.

Good morning on this blessed day.

What if this crisis is an opportunity for us to turn inward and step out of autopilot?

What if this is our wake-up call as an Earth Community to shift our behavior to be truly in alignment with Mother Earth’s wisdom? The skies are clearing in China. Dolphins and swans are returning to the canals in Venice – who knew? What else, besides this pandemic, could shift our global behavior to such an extent to witness the resilience and healing of Mother Earth. Let’s not waste this moment, rather, lean into this wisdom and allow it to change and heal us. This gives HOPE to our children and helps to heal their despair and anxiety about the future.

What if social distancing illuminates how superficial many of our relationships were, and we find ourselves feeling happier and more connected to our friends, family, and community?

What if our period of shut down helps us step out of all our distractions that kept us numb and opens a space and time for us to turn towards all we were avoiding and finally do our healing work?

What if this period allows us to FEEL and EXPERIENCE life with less traffic, honking, congestion, lines, crowds, air pollution, and plastic garbage littering the ground? What if we recognize in real-time how healing and resilient Mother Earth is?

What if we notice our kids are actually happier, more rested, aligned with their natural rhythms, connected to their families, less anxious, more imaginative, and creative? What if they are PLAYING more and WORKING less? Notice how it feels to connect deeply with your children. Teach them life skills; laundry 101, dishes 101, how to make your bed, how to change the oil in the car.

We are all homeschooling now, like it or not. Yes, you have a curriculum sent to you by your school that needs to be completed, and you also have the opportunity to educate your child as we have done through thousands of years through the school of life.

Let’s seize this moment – let’s allow it to be the change we have been asking for. Can we be curious about what is actually working?

I am inspired by how generous and friendly our community is. This is our true nature – it shows through in challenging times.

May we all have a deeper appreciation for stay at home parents, working parents, shift workers, teachers, school administrators, first responders, and health care professionals.

May we practice gratitude. May we lean into the change and allow it to change us and our world for the better. If we simply grin and bear it, hold our breath and try to get through and hope that everything “goes back to normal” we will have missed this sacred opportunity for change.

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