Dear families

May 22, 2020 | CTC Blog

Dear families, friends, and community members, You are all on my mind and in my heart today during this time of uncertainty in our community.

The Governor announced today that all Utah schools will be closed for two weeks. This has never happened in my lifetime, nor has it happened in my parent’s lifetime. We are in uncharted territory.

This afternoon I am home with my two kids. We are making food and making plans for how to navigate the next few weeks in the unknown zone. They have a lot of questions. I have very few answers. They are giddy with joy to have 2 weeks off of school and concerned for the health and wellbeing of their grandparents.

My question to you – what can our CTC community do to support you? What do you need and want during this time?

  • A weekly Zoom call to connect and share about how we are and how we are coping?
  • A list of good books and movies?
  • Fun, in home activities to connect with our kiddos?
  • Simple self-care and stress reducing practices?

There are more pressing issues in our community with our parents who have to go to work and have no child care for their children – let’s get creative and resilient! How can we help one another?

I’ll be posting daily on our CTC Facebook page. Please follow along and allow this digital platform to be a beacon of LIGHT and a tool for CONNECTION.

In Gratitude,
Mary Christa

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