Thriving At Home – A Mental Wellness Workbook for Kids and Their Parents During Quarantine

Jun 29, 2020 | CTC Blog, Mental Wellness, Parent Education

Thriving At Home – A Mental Wellness Workbook for Kids and Their Parents During Quarantine

There is a lot of news coverage about the outbreak of COVID-19, or Coronavirus,and it can be overwhelming for parents and frightening for kids. During this time your family may have to stay at home with little to no contact from others, being unable to domany of the things that we do to improve our mental health: go to the gym, get coffee or drinks with friends, or see classmates. As a result of isolation, unpredictability, and stress, it is likely that individuals in the home may struggle with feelings of sadness, worry, loneliness, frustration, and boredom.

Although this time is challenging, it can also be a time of fulfillment. This workbook is intended to provide you with activities to address and express hard feelings while working together to connect, regulate, and play. There are many things right now that are out of our control, but what we do have control over is what we choose to do with the time we have at home. The steps you take today may set you and your family up for great things in the future. You can feel MORE CONNECTED, MORE MINDFUL, and MORE CONFIDENT as a parent than ever before.

Download your copy of the “Thriving at Home” workbook here.

Sincerely, Katie Bassiri, LPCC RPT-S Registered Play Therapist Supervisor and Mother to 3 crazy toddlers

Contributors: Katie Bassiri, LPCC RPT-S Shannon Grant, LPCC RPT-S Amy Trevino, LPCC RPT Marisol Olivas, LMFT

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