Redefining Student Success in The Age of Covid

Dec 28, 2020 | CTC Blog

A Note From Mary Christa

The other morning I awoke to the news of an executive order by Governor Gary Herbert.  With our cases surging in Summit County, it did not come as a surprise, but it has added a new layer of anxiety to the mix.  I cancelled a dinner I had planned with my oldest who is attending the University of Utah as a Freshman – it doesn’t seem prudent to be going out right now.  I miss them and I am wondering about the holidays.  It will be the first time in 50 years I have not spent Christmas with my parents.

As a mom who works to support youth health and wellbeing through our community hub, CTC Summit County, I am up close and personal with the questions regarding success, wellbeing, expectations and change.  It’s been a tough year, and the anxiety of the unknown can, at times, feel like a weight. 

This is why I am so delighted to be partnering with the Park City Education Foundation to bring you a webinar on “Student Success in the Age of Covid: How do we redefine success and manage expectations during uncertain times?” 

I need this webinar right now, and I have a feeling that you do too.  We are delighted to bring Dr. Brad Reedy, Jennifer Mulholland and Sam Walsh to share their wisdom, perspectives, humor and experience. You can read more about our panelists here.

We could all use a reframe to offer ourselves, our kids and their educators some grace. Our typical measures for success are out the window, along with our usual holiday traditions and plans.  Yet… there is beauty, love, generosity, compassion and kindness in abundance.  Maybe all we need is a reframe.  I hope you’ll make time to join me “in the squares”.  I know you’ll find a nugget of light to guide and inspire you to lean into the mystery.



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