Acts of Care Food Truck Initiative

Apr 22, 2021 | CTC Blog

A note from Mary Christa


Reciprocity is a core tenant of how Communities That Care collaborates with our community partners. We believe in the power of giving in order to reach more people with the resources they need. Reciprocity is based upon relationships; it’s a heartfelt exchange that recognizes our interdependence. Our partnership with GROW Food Truck  has been, and continues to be an opportunity to embody the tenant of reciprocity in order to expand our reach and share.

A connected community is a healthy and resilient community. Community Connectedness is our priority protective factor. Inspired by the Park City Education Foundation’s coffee cart program for educators, we applied for CARES funding to offer a delicious meal as a thank you to our South and North Summit School District educators and staff. Teachers are reporting high levels of stress and workload challenges during COVID-19. The spirit of this program is one of gratitude. Caring is a verb – it’s an action. Our time at North and South Summit School Districts provided an opportunity to connect, human to human. After a year of isolation, this experience was truly a delight!

The program has been so successful, we have expanded!  We are offering our Acts of Care food truck program in partnership with GROW to our Park City Police Department, Summit County Sheriff’s Department, as well as PC Fire Station and Peace House.

One of the wonderful aspects of working with GROW is their commitment to food security for our community. They are a local nonprofit and their 100% plant-based meals are delicious!

If you’d like to help continue this program, please consider a generous donation to CTC and GROW.

All thriving is mutual!

Mary Christa

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