Back to School: A Time to Strengthen Your Foundation

Sep 3, 2021 | CTC Blog

There’s a hint of fall in the air.  The tips of the cottonwood trees are beginning to turn golden and my kids have returned to school.  Fall is a time of turning inward, of taking stock of our harvests and preparing for the longer nights ahead.  It is a time of strengthening and nourishing our foundations, rituals and routines to nourish us through the change of seasons.

At Communities That Care, we encourage you to take this time to set up some healthy family routines to nourish your family system. Recently my Aunt Linda sent me a box full of my sweet Grandmother’s recipes; written in her handwriting and noting which of her cherished friends shared the recipe with her.  My son and I have taken to perusing them and selecting a new dish to try each week.  So far we’ve made meatloaf and apricot dessert.

We take this time to talk about what matters and communicate our family values and expectations – we have very clear rules and standards about “no underage substance use, period”.  We talk about friendships and hobbies and the challenges of 7th grade.

We hope you find something of value for you and your family.

We are here to help you.  We don’t just talk – we act.



Do you enjoy leadership roles?
Do you love collaborating with others?
Do you love working with teens and tweens?
Do you prefer work that is meaningful to you?

If your answer is an emphatic “YES”, we’d love to hear from you!!

24-32 hours per week    /    $20/hour    /   1099 Contractor position

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