Introducing: Vibe Outside!

Sep 3, 2021 | CTC Blog

We are delighted to announce our next round of the new and improved Youth Outdoor Series, Vibe Outside.

Vibe Outside is sponsored by SOS Outreach and White Pine Touring and led by Betsy Bothe, long time Parkite and outdoor guide for White Pine Touring.

Our mission with this program is to share the joy for life through inspirational outdoor experiences with youth.  We focus on themes of connection and belonging by exposing kids to the awe of nature, meaningful outdoor activity and thoughtful discussions.  Local experts facilitate healthy and inspirational outdoor experiences, focusing on mental wellness by engaging them in life-affirming activities.

Check out upcoming events on our website! 

Vibe Outside events are only $10 for attendees.  We would LOVE to continue offering more of these programs for our community’s youth.  Please consider a generous donation in support of this program here.


We are here to help you.  We don’t just talk – we act.


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