CTC Vision Statement


Our vision is a world of connection, vitality and wellbeing where kids and families thrive.

CTC Mission Statement

Our MISSION is to collaboratively improve the lives
of youth and families by fostering a culture of health through prevention.

Communities That Care
Coalition Members

Communities That Care, CTC, helps all the many youth-serving organizations
work together to effectively bring about positive change.
We don’t just talk — We act.

CTC Team:

Executive Team:

Lynn Ware Peek, Brooks Addicott, Miriam Garcia, Pamella Bello,

Millicent Tracey and Diego Zegarra.


Mary Christa Smith

Executive Director

MaryCatherine Jones

Strategic Director

Linda Norquist

Social Media Specialist


Jessica Oveson

Mental Health Monday’s Visionary Spokeswoman

Founding Stakeholders

CTC Partners 

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