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Enhance Your 12 Step Recovery With The Enneagram

November 19, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

Do you want to enhance your recovery journey?

Join Mary Wright, Certified Enneagram Coach, for a fascinating evening of learning how a powerful, personality typing tool, called “The Enneagram”, can enhance your 12-Step Recovery Program and assist you in your healing.
Working a 12-Step program begins with self awareness and the Enneagram is a tremendous tool for increasing your self understanding.
The Enneagram describes 9 different personality styles or types of thinking, feeling and acting. Each type has very specific traits and patterns that impact how we relate to ourselves, others and the world we encounter.
Learning about your Type will offer you new insights about yourself and others, which will greatly enhance your recovery as well as your relationships.

Here is a testimony from an attendee of her last recovery and the Enneagram training:
“Mary Wright brings a profound and unique set of psychoanalytic skills and addiction experience to her expert understanding of the enneagram. Mary’s careful, meticulous analysis for enneagram typing resulted in radical discoveries for my clients who were searching for understanding, personal strategies, and happiness in their recovery journeys. As a result, Mary’s involvement in my recovery coaching program is now a cornerstone because of the transformative process of her enneagram work. I highly recommend Mary’s extraordinary skill set for anyone looking to find deep meaning and ultimately find new strategies in their lives.”
Jill Rathburn, RN – Humble Warrior Women – Certified Professional Coach, Wellness & Recovery – Certified Bioenergetic (NES) Health Practitioner

We hope you will join us and consider sharing and inviting to this important, training opportunity.

We don’t want cost to be prohibitive for this training. Scholarship’s are available so please feel free to email heather@ccofpc.org to arrange scholarship for this event.


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