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Prolonged Grief and its Treatment

July 14, 2021 @ 9:00 am

Grief is the natural response to loss. Although it’s complex, time varying and multifaceted and everyone grieves in their own way, there are commonalities. Moreover, most people adapt to the loss of a loved one by accepting their new reality and restoring wellbeing. However, some bereaved people are caught up in issues that derail the process of adapting to the loss. The result is prolonged grief disorder (formerly known as complicated grief) – a condition in which grief remains pervasive and intense for many years and even decades after the loss.

Prolonged Grief Disorder Therapy (previously called complicated grief therapy: CGT) is a short-term therapy that uses methods from a range of evidence-based psychotherapies to establish a solid working alliance, address derailers and facilitate adaptation to loss. This free 90-minute webinar, taught by Dr. Katherine Shear, will introduce you to seven “Healing Milestones” that can help you facilitate adaptation to loss and elicit and address “stuck points” with clients. The webinar will also discuss the unique challenges posed to adaptation to loss during COVID-19.

Learning Objectives:

* List the HEALING milestones that can encourage adaptation to loss
* Describe prolonged grief disorder
* Describe the unique challenges posed by a loss during COVID-19

This introductory training is specifically for people who interact with grieving clients/patients and is a preview to a Professional Development Workshop on Prolonged Grief Disorder Therapy (PGDT) later in 2021 (details TBA).

LMFT, LCMHC, LCSW, Psychologists, Counseling students, school counselors, clergy and health providers are encouraged to attend.

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