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Rewilding and Ensouling Mental Health and Wellness

June 11, 2020 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us for a webinar on a psychological approach to wholeness based on the Nature-based map of the Human Psyche.

In this talk and conversation for mental health professionals, Dr. Brian Stafford will discuss an eco-depth psychological approach to wholeness, self-healing, and eco-awakening based on the Nature-based Map of the Human Psyche developed by Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute that he founded in Durango, Co.

Rather than being an approach that is symptom- or pathology-focused, this approach supports the cultivation of our inner resources, our primary connection to the natural world, our ability to self-heal, and also includes supporting the journey to our unique eco-psychological niche.

This is a FREE event, AND we apprreciate donations. You can donate to CTC HERE.

Brian Stafford, MD, MPH is a depth psychiatrist, wilderness guide, ecotherapist, poet, essayist, and agent of human and cultural transformation. He was, formerly the Anschutz Family Chair in Perinatal and Early Childhood Psychiatry as an academic pediatrician, and an adult, adolescent, child, perinatal and infant psychiatrist with numerous clinical, research, and educational publications as well as many institutional, state, and national awards. At mid-life and mid-career, he began asking the most important questions that the poet David Whyte states “can make or unmake a life.” He began to realize that Western culture has little wisdom to save itself and contributes to the continuation of what Dr. Bill Plotkin calls “Patho-Adolescent” Culture. He also saw that his own profession, academic psychiatry and medicine, has little or nothing to say about the top 10 problems facing the planet. He continued to become aware that the pervasive psychiatric worldview of what it means to be human was limited and limiting. After a period of wandering and his own vision fast, he retrained with the Animas Valley Institute as an eco-therapist, depth psychotherapist, wilderness guide, and retreat facilitator. He guides with the Animas Valley Institute and has also started several other nature-based and soul-oriented organizations, including Seminary of the Wild, The California Teachers College, and Wilderness is Medicine. He guides, trains, and teaches with humor, playfulness, compassion, discernment, and a deep remembering of the fullness of what each human life can, should and was meant to be.


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