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Innovating education for everyone.

When a young person feels truly appreciated for who they are, they will thrive with guidance from their internal navigation system.
Mary Christa Smith

Executive Director, CTC

Knowledge empowers.

Avail yourself of the plethora of programs, classes, and resources your community has to offer.
Be open to new ways of seeing things.
Offering tangible tips and tools to support your mental health.

Stretch out of your comfort zone and effect real change BEFORE they reach for drugs.

Please make sure to double-check whether the event you would like to attend requires registration.


CTC’s Foundational Programs

Guiding Good Choices: A 5 week series for parents of children 8 -12 years old, prevent problems before they start!

After 5 sessions, feel hopeful and excited about your child’s ability to resist peer pressure and make healthy choices in alignment with your values. Come join us and connect with like-minded parents who are ready to empower their kids to make good choices.

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