Find A Sense of Belonging

Meet new friends. Get Outdoors.

Connect with nature and yourself.

Get out of the housE. do something new.

No pressure.

Make new friends

Connect with nature

Be yourself

2020 showed us how important our friends and nature are.

Have you lost your days to screen time?

Sick of hearing ‘go outside’ but don’t know what to do?

Does getting outside feel like too much trouble anyway?

Find Your Vibe.


Vibe outside is a fun way to meet new people, learn a new sport, and get some exercise. I like the attitude of the group and everyone is super kind and inclusive. I have learned some new self care activities and I have loved to get out and have fun with people especially since the pandemic has limited who we can hang out with

Marlee Fitlow

You are not alone….

It can be really hard to know how to feel safe and open up to others, even your peers.

It often just feels easier to go off by yourself, go online, or play video games.

You can feel like there’s something wrong with you, especially when you see the other kids hanging out and looking like they’re having a great time.

But the truth is, we all feel that way sometimes – This is all just normal stuff – especially for young adults like you, who are just trying to learn how to fit in with the world.

Taking care of your mental wellness is a healthy part of daily life.

There’s nothing wrong about it – everyone needs to take care of their “inner garden” of feelings and happiness.

In today’s world, we are all lacking real connections, and social media is no substitute for real personal connection.

One of the things Vibe Outside believes is that spending time outdoors in nature is one of the healthiest connections for both our bodies and brains.

And it’s a great way to make new friends.

Discover how to be the leader in your own life.


At Vibe Outside, we believe trusted adults:

  1. are non-judgmental and treat you with respect
  2. don’t give you the answer – we help you find the answer for yourself
  3. don’t ask you to keep secrets, break boundaries, or participate in any activity that is immoral or illegal
  4. model healthy behavior and values in our life
  5. make sure you feel safe and comfortable in our company

How it works


Register for an event.


Show up.


Have fun. Feel better.

Vibe Outside shares the joy for life

Through inspirational outdoor experiences.

“We focus on themes of connection and belonging by exposing kids to the awe of nature, meaningful outdoor activity and thoughtful discussions. Local experts facilitate healthy and inspirational outdoor experiences with youth, focusing on mental wellness, engaging them in life-affirming activities”.

Betsy Bothe, Visionary & Lead Facilitator.

Invite a friend!


Check out our Resource List and our Youth Mental Health Toolkit, created by teens, for teens.